The Best In Tea

We produce excellent tea for export purposes. People have access to substandard tea variants and not the ideal tea drinking experience they deserve.
We realized it was time to acknowledge the exotic world of Indian teas and put ourselves on the global map, so we are packing our teas in different flavors.

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Parvathi Division

Sevenmalai Estate


Kerala, India 685612


100% Organic

Advi tea is completely 100% organic. We collect tea from Munnar hills.

Always Fresh

our tea products are always fresh and organic.

Only The Best Quality of Tea

Cultivars, Tea making method and Elevation play an important role in the quality of tea.Plucking has a profound effect on the yield and tea quality. Generally, plucking can be broadly divided into fine and coarse. With fine plucking, only the tender two leaves and the bud are plucked, with coarse plucking 3-4 leaves and the bud are plucked. “Two leaves and a bud” plucking process is considered the best balance between yield and quality. The methodology that goes into the processing of the tea leaves is another important parameter effect quality.Adavi Chai is made by taking care of all these factors

Mint Tea

Normal chai

Green tea